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About Tryg Forsikring

Tryg is the second largest supplier in the Nordic market for general insurance.

Tryg consists of Tryg (Denmark), Denmark's largest general insurance company, Tryg (Norway), the forth largest insurance company in Norway, and Moderna (Sweeden). Tryg Garanti is the largest Nordic supplier of guarantee insurance and specialists in credit insurance with offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. Tryg's insurance products provide protection for more than two million private individuals and the Group employs approximately 4,000 people.

“Tryg” is a unique Scandinavian word. It means to feel protected and cared for. In Tryg we work to translate this purpose into providing peace of mind to our clients and customers by being the trusted and preferred insurance partner. Our business philosophy is to provide a safety net, and our task is to contribute to safeguard both human and material values. We want our customers to know that the things they care for are safely insured, so that if they incur accidents, it does not become an economic worry as well.

Tryg Norway

In Norway, Tryg Insurance is the forth largest general insurance company with a market share of approximately 13 %. Tryg has about 1300 employees, mostly in Bergen and Oslo, but you also find us in around 40 cities and small towns all over Norway.

The Norwegian main office is in Bergen, where local businessmen founded the Norwegian branch of the company in 1880.



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